5 Unseen Photos Of Chris Attoh’s Late Father, Fred Attoh

chris attoh, Fred Attoh

Fred Attoh, the father of popular Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh reportedly passed away two weeks after he turned 92 on October 1, 2019.

Chris Attoh, today, in an Instagram post confirmed the death of his dad with a touching tribute.

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Much is not known about the father of Chris Attoh.  However, according to mixedracefaces, Fred Attoh, who was a photographer, was married to a Dutch woman, Rienkje Zoet in the 1950s.

Rienkje Zoet is the late mother of Chris Attoh’s half-sister, Tenne Attoh who is also a photographer.

Chris Attoh’s dad was also the Chief of Ajumanku in James Town.

Check out these photos of Chris Attoh’s dad:


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