We Didn’t Forget Any Detail. Here’s Everything You Missed Out On From Day 3 Of The Glitz Africa Fashion Week


Day 3 of the Glitz fashion week happened last night and we have no words!

Lol, no we aren’t exaggerating!

It’s almost as if the organizers of Glitz Africa Fashion Week knew that those particular designers who showcased their stuff on the runway would blow our minds back to back to back and they didn’t disappoint!

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The designers knew how to appeal to their audience with the different colours, fabric and texture of designs. Some went out of their way and mixed some things up resulting in some models walking with two different coloured shoes. As in on the left they wore, for example, a black shoe while on the right foot they wore a pink shoe.

Lydia Forson, Sister Deborah, Adina and Efya Nokturnal all became models last night and did their own thing on the runway! Lydia Forson walked for the designer Ejiro Amos Tafiri whiles the other 3 walked for Kelvincent’s new clothing line, ANKV.


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Guess who was seen on the runway last night? #gafw2019 @glitzafricafashionweek

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Kelvincent showcased his new Clotthingline called ANKV and his clothes were inspired by Coral Reefs. Once Sister Deborah stepped unto the runway we had a feeling Efya Nokturnal would be coming on the runway too since they are almost like besties.

We weren’t disappointed. Adina also stepped unto the runway and damn! We were shocked over how well she could walk on the runway.

It was almost as if that was her job! We were really inspired and impressed by how these artists came to support their friend.

We were impressed by the way 2 particular designers started their show: Selina Beb and Konye.

Selina Beb started her show with the use of drones to showcase her accessories which you can see in the video below. This was done before the models had the chance to walk and what can we say? We absolutely stan an innovative Queen!!

For Konye, all the models walked onto the runway in the dark leaving all of us confused for a minute. There wasn’t any light. We could only see their silhouettes. They stood for about 10 seconds and proceeded to sit on the stage at the same time. The way everything happened among the models simultaneously was incredible! It was almost as if they were having some sort of telepathic communication. The lights finally came on and we saw all of them seated on the runway. The ladies had moustaches on their faces and we were intrigued. The lights went out again and they got up and left. Afterwards, they started coming unto the runway one after the other so we see their clothes properly. One word for that? Epic!!


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The start of the show for Konan the designer was everything! What do you think?

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We cannot wait to see what this evening’s show will be like! Will you be passing through tonight? The show will be held at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel at 6:00 pm.

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