Medikal’s New Song Is The Recipe For A Viral Hit Song


Medikal released a new song yesterday titled Kayayo.

The song produced by Unkle Beatz is the usual afrobeats song with Medikal dropping his hilarious punchlines all over the beat and a voice at the beginning of the song which could and probably is Fella Makafui’s voice is enough Relationship Goals entry for fans of the couple.

There’s a ‘jama’ feel to the production mainly because of the simple sound most of us used to make with a konka back in school any time there were ‘jama’ sessions and as usual, some people think the song which features Ahtitude is not good enough…

But seriously, in a country where ‘good songs’ don’t hit…Medikal’s song is a banger.

It’s got all the ingredients to go viral:

It’s got a great beat you can fool and dance to, It’s got a catchy phrase “Soa kodi” that will make everyone excited and will definitely become a popular phrase soon.

The theme in the song about guys, girls and sex is enough to make the song go viral because that’s all people are really interested in anyway!

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The key thing too is, the song has got the potential to start a challenge and this video posted by Medikal himself and his girlfriend, Fella Makafui is definitely all the motivation Ghanaians need to kickstart a #KayayoChallenge or #SoaKodiChallenge


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To all my Kayayo lovers, carry something is out now 🥶

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Medikal gave us Omo Ada so, why not give us another song to detty ourselves to?

This song is going to go viral and y’all better hop on the Kayayo train before it’s too late lol.

Listen to the song here:


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