Shatta Wale’s New Song, ‘Borjor’ Is Pure Perfection

Yesterday was Shatta Wale’s birthday and it only made sense that he give his fans new music to celebrate the day with.

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The new song, Borjor is a little different from his usual songs. The afro-fusion vibe is crazy and the catchy chorus that comes with a dance is a clear indication that this song is going to go VIRAL and not just within his SM Family.

He revealed on social media that DJ Vyrusky was the songwriter for the song and…who knew? Who knew the DJ extraordinaire had mad songwriting skills?

His fans are already campaigning for a remix with the Prince of Afro-fusion music, Burna boy and we will be interested in what that will sound like.

The song talks about love but the video is a very simple one that takes us through what a day in his mansion with his SM team is like. The brotherly accord is almost near adorable and there were no women dressed in scanty clothes shaking their ass…just boys enjoying each other’s company and chilling.

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Beautiful to see.

Borjor is not even one of the songs on his upcoming WonderBoy album and if this song is any indication of what to expect on the Wonder Boy album, we have definitely got a newfound interest in what he’s got for us.

Listen to the song over and over again here:


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