Life Of A Kardashian As Kylie Jenner Turns Viral Meme Into Cash By Releasing ‘Rise and Shine’ Merch


If there’s one thing the Kardashian-Jenners know how to do, it’s how to turn any situation around in their favour to make money… so, of course, Kylie Jenner wasn’t going to let ‘rise and shine’ go without cashing in. The youngest Kardashian sibling went viral this week after a clip of her singing ‘rise and shine’ to her baby daughter Stormi caught the internet’s attention and spawned about a million memes.

Stormi Dancing to a fan remixed of “rise and shine”


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daddy’s girl 🙄🙄😍

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Kylie Jenner office tour

As well as laughing at herself by reposting a fan edit of her as the sun from the Teletubbies and a video of Stormi Webster dancing to a remix of her song, Kylie dropped some exclusive ‘rise and shine’ merch.

She revealed a black and a white hoodie, featuring her face in a cartoon sun and the words ‘riiise x shiiinnee’ down the arms. We’ve never felt the saying ‘the devil works but Kris Jenner works harder’ to be more true than now because you know Kylie got her business acumen from her momager.

‘Kylie singing “rise and shine” had truly changed me in ways I cannot explain,’ another fan praised. Clearly, with a cheeky sense of humour, another weighed in: ‘I cannot stop thinking about the video of legendary and incomparable vocalist Kylie Jenner singing “rhiiiiiseee and shiiiiiine”.’

One Twitter user shared a gif of a woman performing an interpretive dance to the tune of Kylie’s little jingle, while another joked that she’s had more ‘cultural impact’ than Ariana Grande. Steady on, guys. But perhaps the most important reaction of all was Kylie herself.

Kylie Jenner singing meme

Kylie Jenner singing meme

Kylie Jenner singing meme

Kylie Jenner singing meme

When a fan posted a clip of their electronic dance mash-up featuring Kylie’s ‘rise and shine’, the TV star replied only with four skull emojis so we’re not quite sure how she feels about her vocals becoming a meme.

But she probably loves it. Kylie’s office tour is truly jaw-dropping as she takes us through the sprawling compound, that was once a shell but now boasts studios for photoshoots, dressing rooms, separate Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin areas, a champagne vending machine and, of course, Stormi’s nursery.


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