CCTU:Time With Derrick Foli, The SRC President!!

Great people are ordinary people with extraordinary determination and for him, it might have looked impossible some months ago climbing up to the high office of Presidency in the Cape Coast Technical University.

Regardless of everything, he was motivated to advocate for the interest of the students, strengthen the relationship between management and students, as well as contributing to enhancing student life in all relevant aspect such as academics and social life.

With this serving as a drive, H. E. Derrick Foli from the Accountancy Department was sworn in on the 12th day of August 2019 to lead the student front of the Student Representative Council of Cape Coast Technical University for the 2019/2020 academic year after winning the general elections on the ticket of the Achievers team.


Knowing that what he will leave behind is what will be woven into the lives of others, he is optimistic about the future knowing that his climbing of higher heights starts with the decision to serve the students of CCTU and not using his office to loot SRC money.
He is certain that the Achievers team is in for the holistic good of the student body and therefore entreats students to expect nothing but the best from the team.

Combining one’s academic work with student leadership may be a hectic task for many students but for him, good time management will help him greatly in combining his academic work with leading the student front. On a free day, he likes being with friends, watching football and reading.
As great eaters and sleepers are incapable of doing anything great, he entreats students to take their studies serious and recognise who they are as that will go on a long way to help them be achievers.


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