UG: Want Curly Natural Hair? Here Are Three Ways To Get Beautiful And Bouncy Curls!!

We’ve all wanted that curly bouncy look for our hair before
I know, I know…
Whether you want to rock your natural curl pattern, further enhance your texture, or simply try a new ‘do, there are plenty of methods for achieving beautiful hair. Just a word of caution: using heat free ways to curl natural hair is the way to go because you don’t want to ruin your beautiful texture.

Here are a few ways to get your hair all curled up ( wink wink)
1. Finger curls.

The end result of finger curls on natural hair

This is done by twisting your hair and leaving it overnight and then undoing it in the morning. The process involves nothing but a great curl cream, preferably a hydrating one, and your fingers. Easy peasy! It’s definitely one of the best ways to train your curls and enhance your natural birth texture.

2. Straw curls.

Straw curls on 3c/4a natural hair

Simply grab some drinking straws and go to work, wrapping small sections of hair along with them. Secure the hair and straw together with a bobby pin, and voila! Wait a while, say an hour and undo the hair. You’re good to go

3. Flexi rods.

Flexy rod set on natural hair

These are quite easy to come across in the market. Available in a range of sizes, flexi rods form around hair with ease. They can be done or dry, stretched hair, but using damp tresses works just as well. Leave them in overnight and pick hair out in the morning for a head-turning ‘do.

Now let’s go get them curlllssss!

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