Ghanaian Lady Dies In The U.S After She Was Allegedly Drugged By A Male Friend

A Ghanaian lady in the U.S has died after she was allegedly drugged by a male friend.

According to reports, the lady, whose name has been given as Naa Dromor A. Adjei, went out to meet a friend on Friday evening. The reports further state that her friend allegedly put a sedative drug into her drink which caused her to go into cardiac arrest.

It is also reported that there was a delay in getting Naa adequate medical care and it is unknown how long she went without oxygen to the brain.

Friends of Naa referred to the guy who drugged her as a “thirsty n*gga”, who did what he did because he wanted to have sex with her.

Here’s the reaction of some of her friends:

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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