The Struggles Of Getting Ready That All Girls Can Relate To


Most if not all the time, we ladies struggle with everything when getting ready. It’s almost as if the world is against us the moment we decide to go out and nothing seems to work. What’s a girl to do? With a little bit of organization, a plan B for wardrobe malfunctions, and the right attitude, you can get yourself through the most challenging of mornings but yh, here are some of the struggles ladies everywhere can relate to when they’re getting ready to go out.

What to wear

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The eternal question — and it doesn’t seem to get any easier as we get older. Agonizing on a daily basis about how many layers we will need, whether our shoes are comfy enough to last the day, if that adorable shirt is appropriate for work, how recently you’ve been seen in that same dress or the devastation of realizing that your go-to outfit is still wet since you washed it recently— it’s enough to make a girl wish she could spend every day in a private school uniform.

Makeup or antiperspirant on your clothes

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No matter how gracefully and skillfully you adjust your body to pull your clothes on over your head, there always seems to be that one, mysterious line of antiperspirant that finds its way onto a part of your dark-coloured clothing. Lipstick can be just as tricky, transferring its impossible-to-wash-out hue onto your favourite white shirt.

Tangled accessories

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How often have you bypassed the perfect accessory to match your outfit, only because it was so incredibly tangled with everything else in your jewellery box or accessory drawer that you simply didn’t have the time to deal with it? It’s a real struggle that all too many of us face, but with a little bit of organization, you never need to bypass that perfect necklace or set of earrings again.

To shave or not to shave

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You may have a comfortable routine worked out for yourself when it comes to how often you shave your legs and underarms. However, there is all too often that unexpected turn of events that can force you to throw your normal shaving routine out the window. Unanticipated high temps, that make you want to don a tank top?  Maybe Mr Wonderful called you for a night on the town. And as we all know, altering that routine can lead to uncomfortable and unsightly razor burn and bumps that make you feel like less than the goddess that you are.

Makeup woes

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From sneezing while applying mascara to dealing with seriously mismatched winged eyes, there are just too many makeup mistakes that can drive you to wash it all off and start over again from scratch. Who has time for that? InStyle recommends utilizing a cotton swab dipped into liquid makeup remover. Dab at the area you wish to correct until the offending mess is swept away, leaving you to have another go at perfecting your look. They also recommend makeup removing pens that can quickly fix your makeup error, while also moisturizing the skin. To avoid mascara-induced raccoon eyes, try using a plastic or metal spoon to rest your lashes on while you apply. The spoon will collect the excess product, sparing your expert eyeshadow application

Your period is cramping your style

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Nothing can alter the way you look and feel in your favourite outfit like having your period. If cramps and sore breasts weren’t enough, the belly bloat that affects 70 per cent of women during their monthly bill is enough to make you wish that velour tracksuits would come back into style.

Which of these can you really relate to? What did we leave out?


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