Shatta Wale Explains Why He Is Seen As A “Loudmouth” And “Rowdy”

Shatta Wale zylofon

Shatta Wale was recently interviewed on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana show.

He and the host,  Paul Adom Otchere touched on a number of topics including the music industry, his personal life and music with Beyonce.

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He also took time to make some comments about the Shatta Movement and how it works.

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Now Shatta Wale is known for his aggressive nature. He has ‘beefs’ with almost everyone and his fans have been associated with that rowdy behaviour too.

Shatta explained in the interview that what people mistake for rowdiness is actually fearlessness.

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He also added that his attitude is considered strange by Ghanaians because Ghanaians are naturally timid so anything else is considered strange and extreme but the whole point of being the way he is is because he believes in himself and wants people to know that he does.

He said: “You know in Ghana we are born with timidity and fear so sometimes when you want to move you feel like ‘eii can I do it?’ But I show this attitude because I want people to believe that you can do it yourself. You can move things yourself not necessarily by disrespecting people, but by using respect to move things in a positive way so basically when people see me to be rowdy and stuff I tell them this rowdiness comes with money.”

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He also added that he only goes after people who step on his toes and that the only reason people think he is a loudmouth is that, he thinks voicing out his opinion on an issue is the only one to solve the problem.

“I feel like voicing out will solve the problem and it has solved many problems of mine though”


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