Beauty Mistakes That Aren’t Actually Mistakes At All

Makeup mistakes happen every day, even to the most seasoned beauty veterans. Smudges, smears, or smashed products are cold, hard facts of the cosmetics life. But you don’t actually need to grab your micellar water or a makeup remover wipe to take it all off and start over every time you experience a product application fail.

Buying the wrong colour

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If you shop online and pick a hue that ends up being too dark, too light, or not bright enough, don’t go through the hassle of sending it back or worse — letting it sit at the bottom of your makeup drawer, untouched, unused, and a waste of cash. Use those for different things, such as an eyeshadow base.

Smudged mascara

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Have you ever applied mascara to your lower lashes in order to darken and thicken them, only to end up with smudges on the delicate skin right beneath your eye? Don’t fret or wipe it away, which could amplify the mess. Instead, grab a cotton swab to blend it and call it liner. A little under-eye smudge is totally mysterious and unexpected, giving you that good-girl-gone-bad vibe.

Broken powder products

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Add broken eyeshadow [dust] to a clear lip gloss to create your own heavily pigmented gloss. If you’ve lost [or broken] a few, you can blend shades to make a custom colour. There is no such thing as wasted makeup with this hack.

Using too much translucent powder

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If you think you’ve made a makeup mistake and used too much translucent powder on your face, think again. The product exists to add luminescence and it’s really hard to overdo it. Plus, your fluffy brush is your BFF, since it can further diffuse the product if it’s not giving you the end result you want.

Using too much lip liner

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If you are tracing the perimeter of your mouth and find yourself using too much colour or drawing imperfect lines, just go with it. In fact, filling in the surface of your entire lip with liner will allow your lipstick or gloss last longer.


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