Why Beyoncé May Or May Not Be Visiting Ghana This December


Word on the street is, Beyoncé is coming to Ghana.

Now hold on, don’t go crazy just yet…

This information was not revealed by the royal highness herself but, an account on Twitter, the BeyonceHiveNews account did.

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According to the account, Beyoncé has plans of celebrating Christmas in Ghana with her family in December.

The account claims that a journalist says Beyoncé has projects in Ghana on December 26th but failed to detail what the exact project was.


Beyoncé? In Ghana??

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But wait… how do we know for sure that the singer will be coming to Ghana?

Beyoncé has a way of keeping quiet about things till the very last minute and unless Shatta Wale or Guilty Beatz (Ghana’s links to Queen Bey) confirm or deny this claim, we really aren’t sure what to think.

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But think about it very carefully… Beyoncé coming to Ghana is possible.

She made an album that heavily featured West African artistes and producers (This is where Shatta Wale and Guilty Beatz come in). She even gave us a documentary on how the album, Lion King: The Gift was created and that was how we found out she and her whole family spent time in Africa just to connect with Africa.

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She called the Lion King album her “love letter to Africa” and it’d make sense that she’d want to visit one of the countries she featured on her album, Ghana.

Let’s not forget, it’s also the Year of Return in Ghana and it already looks like the whole world is making the country their December destination so… why not Beyoncé too???

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Remember when Boris Kodjoe came to Ghana with about 40 other Black American Hollywood celebrities in December last year? Beyoncé and Jay Z were rumoured to have liked some of these celebrities photos and claims were made that the power couple will visit Ghana too.

They didn’t then, maybe they will now.

Surely, all those Steve Harvey reactions and all the other celebs who have been to Ghana this year should spark some curiosity.

There’s another reason why Beyonce may come to Ghana. Solange Knowles, Beyoncé’s sister is expected to be in Ghana on the 26th of December too for a film screening of her recent album, “When I Get Home” at Ano Institue of Arts and Knowledge here in GH.

The screening of Solange’s “When I Get Home” tour dates includes Ghana. (Check the number x)

Makes sense that she will come with her sister Beyoncé right?

This is where everything comes crashing down.

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We saw a tweet from someone who works at the Ano Institue of Arts and Knowledge saying that Solange wasn’t even coming herself for the screening.

Lol, looks like our only really solid reason for her coming has been shattered.

And oh, there’s this too: will an account dedicated to Beyoncé and her fans, the BeyHive with just under 2000 followers have credible information regarding the Queen and her movements?

We just have to wait and see.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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