UPSA: A Look At All The Activities Planned For The 2019 SRC Akwaaba Week Celebration


Behold the 2019 SRC Akwaaba Week Celebration tailored specifically for the people!!

Our freshers have been with us for about six weeks and I’m pretty sure they are interested in knowing what kind of celebration they have in store for them!

We’ve got it all!

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Wednesday 16th October

Official Launch/Afro carnival / Fireworks

A never before seen event happening on UPSA

Thursday 17th October

Acoustic and Karaoke night/ Fun night

A similar experience to that of bloom bar with some side games and an opportunity to showcase your inner Cina Soul

Friday 18th October

Islamic Day/ The people’s Jam

A time to reflect with our Muslim brothers & sisters as well as the much-awaited Jam for the students

Saturday 19th October


Come through wearing the outfits of your favourite football clubs and let’s go on a trip to a serene location

Sunday 20th October

Thanks Giving Service with Special TZ & Omutuo

Wrapping up the entire celebration with the Almighty & our special Sunday cuisines

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