Police Brutalize Liberian Students For Protesting About A Delay In Their Exam


Secondary School students in Liberian, early today embarked on a protest march after their teachers refused to administer their end of term exam.

Students from the various government secondary schools had no option but to take to the streets of Liberia to protests against unfair treatment at the hands of both the government and their teachers.

Liberian students protest

The teachers are holding off administering the end of term exam because the Liberian government owes them two months of salary arrears.

Students from the affected schools decided to protest in small groups this morning and they were beaten and scared away by police, Kuulpeeps.com’s Liberia Correspondent Magick, reports.

Liberian students protest


According to our reporter, the students dispersed after the initial police brutality, however, they regrouped to protest again.

The police, however, returned and this time the brutality was accompanied with the use of tear gas.

“A fellow student passed out from the tear gas and it brought out more anger in the crowd,” Magick reported.

Liberian students protest

On his part, the President of Liberia, George Weah also failed to put an end to the police brutality he witnessed when he visited the scene where the students were protesting.

“The President saw the crowd and did nothing to control them or calm the situation. He also did not stop his security from harming various students,” Magick reported.

It is unclear when the grandstanding between the government and teachers which is affecting the students will come to an end.

Liberian students protest

What is clear, however, is that secondary education in Liberia has come to standstill.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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