All The Reasons Why Everyday Should Be #NoBraDay

There’s nothing better than finally getting to your room after a very long and hot day and finally removing your bra! A simple act like this may sound silly to some people but ladies know what we are talking about.

But come to think of it, why is wearing a bra the “proper” thing to do? Most of the time, people have a problem with the nipples showing but everyone knows boobs come with nipples right? Right??

Anyways, here are all the reasons why every day should be a #NoBraDay for you.

Improves your breast shape

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Yup, it might come as a surprise to you but wearing a bra does not help your breasts stay perky. On the contrary, they cause the breasts to lose their shape over time. According to some studies, the “support” of bras weakens the muscles in the chest, making the breasts droop.

You can wear a backless shirt

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You know this point is so true! There’s no point in investing in backless bras which use some kind of glue but stops doing its job after about 2 hours. Girl, forget everyone and free those tities!!

No wires trying to stab you in the heart

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Having to deal with those wires is the worst!! It’s quite annoying when something that’s supposed to protect and support you, stabs you right in your most vulnerable area.

Save some money

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Buying bras can be so expensive! Plus you need to buy a lot so that you change them as often as possible. Oh! What’s annoying is the fact that you have to get the most of your bras in black so that they don’t show underneath your dress. Sigh! Free the boobies people!!

Easy access

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Do we need to explain this point any further? No? We thought as much. *wink wink*


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We didn’t come into this world to suffer because some people can’t deal with seeing nipples in clothes. That’s it. That’s the explanation.

What do you think? Do these benefits tempt you enough to consider ditching your bra?

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