UG: Hey Fresher!! Here’s Your Schedule For The Medical Exam!!


The SRC through this communiqué would like to bring to the attention of all post-graduate and undergraduate first year students (Freshers) that the Freshers’ Medical Examination will commence on Monday, October 14, 2019. All freshmen and women are therefore requested to access the medical examination form online: UG Med Exam

The medical examination procedure is as follows:

1. Filling of student medical examination form online as well as making bookings.

2. X-ray and laboratory investigation.

3. Clinical examination.

4. Completion of SME form by a medical doctor.

1. Students are to report to the University Hospital for a chest X-ray at a rate of GHc 50.00, as well as the Student Clinic(Central Cafeteria), for the laboratory investigation.

2. Reporting days and times to the hospital is at 7:30am. But be informed that laboratory services end at 11:30am.

3. The laboratory investigation and X-ray schedule for freshers are as follows:

Volta Hall – 14th to 15th October, 2019

Commonwealth Hall – 15th to 16th October, 2019

Legon Hall- 16th to 18th October 2019

African Union Hall – 18th to 23rd October, 2019

Mensah Sarbah Hall – 23rd to 25th October, 2019

Akuafo Hall – 25th to 30th October, 2019

Valco/Jubilee/International Hostel – 30th October to 4th November, 2019

Alexander Kwapong Hall – 4th to 6th November, 2019

Elizabeth Sey Hall – 6th to 8th November, 2019

Evandy Hostel – 8th to 12th November, 2019

Bani Hostel – 12th to 14th November, 2019

TF Hostel – 14th to 18th November, 2019

Hilla Limann Hall – 18th to 20th November, 2019

Non-Resident Students – 20th to 25th November, 2019

City Campus Students – 25th to 29th November, 2019

4. Students who will fail to turn up for the said examination within the stated period would pay a penalty of GHc 100.00 One Hundred Ghana Cedis) for the additional cost that would be incurred outside the medical examination period.

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