UG: Here’s A Rundown On What Will Happen At The Upcoming Sarbah Hall Week!

Are you thinking of missing Sarbah’s hall week this year?

Then reconsider cos the heat they are starting with, next week , is too much for Legon to hold !!
Don’t say we didn’t tell you oh!!

Yes, we know most of you are still in the IA season but when you learn kakraa, you have to chill kakraa! Pass through, just to have the experience of a lifetime!!

Sunday -Gospel Rock Show

Sarbah kick starts with The Gospel Rockshow because, in everything, we need to start with God right?


Free breakfast…like free ooh !
Who doesn’t like free things? Forget tea and bread…this is the proper rich English breakfast

Then later in the day, Okpo goes official.

This is a tradition done by the traditional council of the Hall; the Okpo Mates. You should expect to see them in white shirts and black ties as well as black trousers embarking on processions through campus. And if you think it will be just guys…just wait and see!

There will be a health screening and blood donation. Students normally don’t go for medical check-ups so, this is your opportunity to know your blood group and other important information about your health.

Want to know how to manage your accounts and open a bank account? Don’t worry financial literacy got you covered!


At the end of the day, Sarbah Hall residents will donate to a selected

And finally, we will relax and have fun at the ‘Boxing Night’ and ‘Pillow Fight’ night.


Who run the world, Girls! This day is for our women. And you know how lit the Sarbah WOCOM is! Is it makeup, hair treats, beauty tips that you want? Everything will be available for you and yhup, some will be free!!!

Later in the day, the hall will get lit with the Karaoke session.




We didn’t leave our Muslim brothers and sisters out. We have the Islamic dialogue, a special show for them and on Friday night, our old Vikings are coming back home! and we are welcoming them with some live band. Are you a fan of live band? Then don’t miss this one.


Everyone is mostly excited because this is the climax! but we got it on the low tempo with Sarbah’s strongest, the celebrity work out, Aponkye Cup and the anticipated FIFA tournament.

Later, you know what comes right??

The Artiste Night!!!!

Call the numbers on the flyer below and book a stand if you want to sell during the hall week!

And oh let’s tell you a secret: there will be item 13 for all the shows. Be thereeeee!

full list of programmes for the Sarbah Hallweek

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