They Just Stopped Talking To You All Of Sudden? These Might Be The Reasons Why They’re Ghosting You!


Have you ever developed a friendship or relationship with all your effort and then all of a sudden, the other person stops talking to you and acts sketchy and dodgy when you see them around? Bad news!! You’ve been ghosted.

Being ghosted after months or years of dating or friendship can be hard to understand. There are no answers, no closure, only questions. The big one being: Why?

We might not know exactly why you’ve been ghosted but here are a couple of maybes :

A person might ghost you because they’re scared of confrontation.
You probably did something that they didn’t like but they can’t tell you about it because they don’t know how to. So they just avoid you. Trust me. It’s a thing.

They sense the other person is dangerous.

Well, you’ve heard about toxic people, right? We are all toxic to someone and if the said person thinks you’re one, it’s probably better to ghost you than attack you with blame.

They lost track of all their budding relationships
Sometimes people don’t mean to ghost but they do. Maybe, they are juggling too many friendships or relationships and when one started to get really good, they forgot to wrap things up with you. Some people are mean like that.

They’re dealing with depression or trauma.
Most times, it’s not your fault. The person you think might be ghosting you is probably just going through a lot at the moment. Check up on them as well.

In times like this, it’s best to try and contact them one last time but if it doesn’t work, we move!
If you love someone then set them free right?

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