Shatta Wale’s “Prophecy” Has A Hidden Message For The Youth


Shatta wale has released Prophecy, a song for the youth.

Prior to the release of his album on the 19th of October, 2019, the same day his Reign Concert, we see yet another video motivating the youth by Shatta Wale.

There is a common saying that Ghana Make Hard, and to the youth, in the deprived areas it is even harder for them to survive.

In the video, Shatta Wale is encouraging the youth to shun away from the social vices that get them into trouble. Just as he was from the streets, he is letting them know they can also make it with goodwill and determination.

Most of the youth in these areas look up to Shatta Wale due to the fact that he was once like them and now he has a song with Beyonce one of the world’s best.

We hope the Youth take heed to the advice.


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