Legon Student Gets Beaten By A Girl After He Was Reportedly Caught Cheating

Okay, so when your cup gets full, there’s no way out… charley.

A viral video of one fine gentleman known as “Papa Kofi Owusu Kwarteng” being beaten by a lady who is reportedly his girlfriend’s friend has been making rounds on social media platforms and on the University of Ghana campus.

Apparently, the young man in the video is a known serial cheater and he has been cheating on his girl from Level 100.

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The Universe caught up with him and he finally got caught.

According to a source, the girl beating him in the video is his girlfriend’s friend. His girlfriend apparently asked them to help confront her man and they went all out with one girl hitting him with a slipper (charle wote).

Below is the video showing the boy being beaten – Legon will keep you updated with any new information.

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