What Is Your Love Language?

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Kowing your favourite person’s love language is very important.

It makes your relationship much more enjoyable and if you are now trying to get your crush to like you, finding out what their love language is, is the surest way to get them to love you.

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Aside the communication, honesty, transparency and all the basis of a relationship, the Love languages are just the way to express and experience love between people, especially romantic partners.

Gift Giving 

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Do you want to chop love without investment? Gyama woyale. Gentlemen, we are not saying ladies are gold diggers and also, ladies the guys might not show it, but they love to receive gifts on random occasions.

Not anything so extraordinary or expensive. Just some basic things you could get from campus like Cupcakes. But not every time cupcakes ooh!! Switch it up! Cupcakes kakraa, Perry Americana kakra, ice cream kakra.

Quality time

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We aren’t saying you should be in his or her room 24/7. They also need their ‘Me-time’ to do other stuff like visiting friends and doing school work. To have quality time, you can go on strolls, go grab finger foods or ice cream after a stressful day in class. Anything simple and nice until you eventually know what works out for you two.

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Physical touch

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This could be a massage or something more intimate. This does not mean only ‘eating’ ooh, kisses on the forehead kakraa, hugs from the back kakraa, unexpected kisses on the checks kakraa and long hugs kakraa, we mean after a long day, we could use one from our loved ones.

People in this category would like to stay in bed with their partner the whole day cuddling.

Acts of Service

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This can be also termed as Devotion. It’s nothing extra O, you can lay their bed, hold their bag, offer to help even if it’s something which doesn’t look hectic. The act will make their eyes light up and put a wide and huge smile on their face.

Words of Affirmation

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Meaning you enjoy being told you’re loved. Not every day and plenty I love you ooh…lol. You can send cute messages cos the raw good morning message dieer… (we will talk about this later) and a mixture of sweet words. Or once a while, you can tell your partner how much you appreciate them.

Your boo or bae can have more than one or a bit of all of these languages and it’s very extremely normal.

What’s your love language?

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