Some Legon Students Share Their Honest Opinions On The BBC Expose And Legon’s Involvement

KNUST lecture hall

The Sex For Grades documentary premiered by BBC on Monday has sparked a lot of conversations online. A lot of people have taken to social media to express their feelings about the four lecturers from Ghana and Nigeria, caught on camera saying inappropriate things to undercover agents posing as students.

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The Universities involved, University of Ghana, Legon and University of Lagos (Unilag) have taken measures, suspending the lecturers while they launch an investigation.

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In Ghana, the students of the University of Ghana are reacting to the news and for some of them, this is a serious matter because these are lecturers who are currently teaching them.

Kuulpeeps Legon spoke to some of the students and asked them what they thought of the expose, the lecturer’s reactions and the University’s action.

From the University of Ghana reacting to the video by first saying they did not see any evidence to suspending the lectures, a student, Frank said:

“I’m wondering why they have changed their mind cos I first heard that the UG authorities were going to disregard the BBC expose.

For June, she’s just worried about her studies and a special but difficult exam he calls ‘fractidalism’:

“So Prof Gyampo will not teach again? We swerve thé ‘fractidalism’ that oo”

Louise made a strong point:

“Me ankasa I think it’s good that the university stops them from working but it would be best if they also carry out their own investigations”

Nana Kojo said:

“I don’t care about them.
They brought this upon themselves”

Eugene thinks the lecturers need time off to deal with the issue:

“I’m really in support of this
It’s good the University is taking these measures
The lecturers are having problems because of this issue so to rectify it they have to stay out of campus for the meantime”

For Emma, the accommodation problem is all that matters to him:

“This is not needed. They should give us accommodation”

Akua was just worried about whether or not the lecturers will face the music:

“I know paaa that these lecturers will go free. There’s no justice in this world charle”

Jones was quite emotional:

“The University needs to look at why these two lecturers got involved in the first place! The journalists asked around ooo and these two names kept popping up. That’s what they need to be worried about instead saying there is no evidence mtseww”

Bamfo doesn’t care but lowkey, he is worried:

“Personally I don’t know them so I don’t really care about this issue
But the way people are coming up and saying stuff like they weren’t surprised about them been caught then I think they actually do these kinds of stuff so the University should look into it thoroughly.”

What is your honest opinion about this too??

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  1. The video in my view is useless and have no substance. This is just a calculated attempt to disgrace and tarnish people’s hard earned reputation.

    As a student of research, the BBC’s methodology for gathering data for analysis was even unethical.

    Why at all do the foreign media and their financiers continue to poke their nose into our affairs?

    Out of numerous universities in ghana and Nigeria and West Africa, how can they use only two universities for this useless studies and make generalisation.

    This exercise by the BBC is really unethical and must be condemned. They have to learn to mind their own business. Have they finish investigating the numerous rots in their country before poking their nose into our affairs?

    Those behind this exercise must bow their head in shame.


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