#SexForGrades: Check Out Other People’s Experiences Concerning This Issue

This whole week has been someway with this whole Sex For Grades thing and we wanted to know your opinions about it.

We sent our Anonymous Google Sheet round asking you guys to share your experiences with lecturers who sexually harass people. It could be personal or you could have seen it happen to your friends, roommates or even relatives. You guys responded to them. Check out the responses.

Sigh… and you feel helpless cuz it feels like there’s nothing you can do…

He did what??!!

Haaarrdd girl!! Lmao!! If he had graded your exams anka F straight!

Ei hmm! After dealing with your dad’s death, you come and deal with one inconsiderate lecturer

Oh Oh Oh! Sigh so what now?



That’s how they start, “I want to help you”. Predators!

They should all repent… lol!

lol hmm

Oh wow!

Sigh! There are really no words to describe what these ladies go through. People keep giving opinions about what ladies should and shouldn’t do but the truth of the matter is that you can be as quiet as a mouse and be minding your own business but some of these lecturers will catch you as their prey. We hope all these guilty ones will be brought to book one way or another.

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