Here Are 10 Best Halloween Makeup Ideas From Instagram

Instagram has become the ultimate source of all things beauty inspo.

And in the months leading up to Halloween, your feed will be flush with a whole new crop of elaborate, out-of-the-box makeup ideas, including the deeply creepy, the crazy beautiful, and, of course, the politically charged, all of which are definitely worthy of a double-tap.

We rounded up our favourite ideas, below, to get you inspired way, way ahead of the big night.

The Lava Girl

Feeling like this is your hottest year yet? Same. Take your fierceness to the next level and literally embody lava by striking up your chest, neck, and face with a volcanic eruption that’ll have everyone shook.

The Oompa Loompa

We’re not sure what the highlight of this costume is—the green and yellow eyeshadow, the white eyebrows, or the tangerine skin? Regardless, make sure you have some good makeup-removing face wash on hand when the night ends.

The Ink Blot

Like something straight out of American Horror Story (or your worst Rorschach test nightmare), this runny, inky, spotted look stays elevated with a white lace choker.

The Joker

Heath Ledger Joker will always be the one-and-only Joker in our hearts, but we’re still feelin’ this glamorized version of the villain with its bouffant-level wig and a huge smoky eye.


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The AHS Mattress Lady

If you’re an American Horror Story mega-fan, please get inspired by this intricate mattress-lady costume that is fully terrifying and unattainable by anyone outside of a special FX makeup team.

The Skull Face

Two things that will never go out of style: a little black dress and some skull makeup. If you’re out for scares, throw on your LBD and paint on this hyper-realistic skull.

The Pop-Art Marilyn

Forget her looks from The Seven Year Itch or Gentlemen Prefer Blondes—if you’re going to portray Marilyn Monroe this year, take a graphic, pop-art approach instead. Just don’t forget the iconic red lips, okay?

The Mad Hatter

A curly orange wig, brilliant white lashes, and a matte red lip are your keys to re-creating Johnny Depp’s iconic Mad Hatter. Try contouring with violet blush for a ghastlier take on the Alice and Wonderland character.


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Mad Tatted Hatter throwback to my Alice in Wonderland series as I continue to gear up for the rest of Septembré and 31 days of Halloween. This has been one of my favorite looks I’ve done and I was definitely feelin’ my MAD oats ‍♀️ • • P r o d u c t s : @mehronmakeup White Cream Paint, Paradise Paints in Black, White, Dark Blue and Pastel Palette | @lunatickcosmeticlabs Contour Book Vol. l and Zombie Defense Palette | @sugarpill Midori, Movhi, Home Sweet Home, Frostine and Dollipop Pro Pressed Shadows | @limecrimemakeup Red Velvet with Marshmallow Velvetine mixed in | @lasplashcosmetics Platinum Fizz Crystalized Glitter • • • • • #devanndiorio #wakeupandmakeup #makeup_artist_worldwide #dupemag #madhattermakeup #makeupartistsworldwide #undiscovered_muas #lunatickcosmeticlabs #everydayishalloween #callingallcrafts #mua_underdogs #sugarpill #mehrongirl #aliceinwonderland #100daysofmakeup #featuremuas #bodypaint #halloweenmakeup #mehronmakeup #lasplashcosmetics #limecrime #gothicdreamers #halloweenmakeupideas #crazymakeups #limecrime #editorialmakeup #mua_army #feature_my_stuff #callingallcrafts #hudabeauty

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The Pop-Art Wonder Woman

Add some 2D comic-book details to your 3D costume with some pop-art lines and dots, and, of course, a hand-drawn tiara.

The Edward Scissorhands

Channel Hollywood’s most lovable and most terrifying character with a tousled black wig, a belt choker, and some bleached (i.e. foundation-covered) eyebrows. To recreate the scars, try eyelash-glueing strips of rolled-up tissue all over your face before covering them with concealer and foundation.


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