UPSA: Dressing In A Professional Way Has Become The Norm On Campus

Issues of indiscipline and indecent dressing have over the past couple of months become the most discussed topic. The decline in the standard of morality amongst the youth is gradually becoming a social cancer.

How then can we address this issue?

Research shows that you can tell a lot about someone’s personality, status, age and income just from looking at a photo of their shoes.

The University of Professional Studies (UPSA) has over the years tried to maintain that level of discipline by instituting the “Professional Monday” Policy as a means of instilling professionalism and discipline amongst students.

Although this projects the image of the University as a professional university, it goes a long way to influence the lifestyles and habits of students as individuals and prospective business owners.

A student of UPSA dressed officially for ‘Professional Monday’

Below are 5 ways of dressing properly which automatically affect you as an individual:

  1. Your Clothing Impacts Your Thinking
  2. Dressing officially and properly boosts your self-confidence
  3. The right kind of attire is an amazing intrinsic source of motivation to help you achieve your every day goals
  4. Dressing properly influences people’s perceptions about you
  5. The right kind of dressing connects you to the right kind of people.

So before you grumble about dressing officially, ask yourself “How much does it cost to dress professionally”??

by  OpanaGh

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