Here Is How To Change Your Instagram To The New Dark Mode


If you are using an iPhone or Android and a lover of the “dark mode” display feature you definitely will love this article. Instagram with the help of Google and Apple have updated their systems to have the “Dark mode” plug in for their phones. According to Instagram, this will help ease the pressure on your eye.

The new setting allows users to choose between a black and grey display instead of the app’s standard white one. According to Instagram, dark mode leads to less eye strain than an all-white display, and the setting also prolongs battery life since darker pixels require less power than lighter ones.

Instagram’s dark mode is currently available to iOS 13 and Android 10 users. iPhone users can activate the theme through the Settings menu – tapping the Dark option under the Display and Brightness menu will allow Instagram to go dark automatically. Android users can also turn on dark mode via menu settings, or they have the added option to activate the theme from within Instagram’s own settings menu.

Here’s how a post will look like now.

Source: Hypebeast

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