Here Are The World’s Most Heavily Guarded Leaders


The people with the heaviest security personnel are usually presidents, kings, and other political leaders. But which famous leader has the biggest, strangest and craziest security setup of them all? Let’s find out!

Vladimir Putin

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FSO ( Federal Protection Service) is responsible for the safety of the country’s political elite, but its ultimate priority is to keep “Body Number One” safe. That body is, of course, President Vladimir Putin, and the FSO has the power to go to absurd lengths to keep him safe.

Kim Jong-Un

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While the Secret Service has less than 7,000 employees, it’s North Korean version has an absurd 100,000. This elite unit is called the Guard Command, and they essentially serve as Kim’s highly trained personal army that reports directly to him.

Queen Elizabeth II

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Even though she doesn’t directly hold any real power, people are still trying to harm her. Every guard in the Buckingham Palace counts as her personal bodyguard when she’d inside. And outside, well, more limos!

Donald Trump

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One of the most powerful countries on the planet needs its leader alive and well. And seeing as Trump has ruffled more feathers than any other world leader, he definitely needs all those guards around him.

Alpha Conde

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Alpha Conde is a powerful man within his country, Guinea, but his inclusion on a list of most heavily guarded world leaders comes as a bit of a surprise. However, there’s a very good reason for his security focus: In 2011, political opponents attempted to assassinate him in his own home, and though his security detail managed to fight back the attackers, a two-hour battle that involves several hostile gunmen and a grenade launcher can make a man think about his personal safety — especially as just a few hours after Conde addressed the nation about the first attack, his Presidential Guard had to fend off another one.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan –Turkey’s President

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Erdogan has a loyal 60-man bodyguard detail known as “The Mustacheers,” and yes, the name absolutely means they are all burly men who boast fearsome moustaches. The Mustacheers are so wholly unconcerned with anything that isn’t immediately related to their leader’s safety that in 2017, they thought nothing of kicking the snot out of several American citizens who were protesting Erdogan in Washington, D.C. Seven bodyguards were charged for the attacks, but the charges were later dropped.

Pope Francis

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Just because he’s a religious leader, and doesn’t have any real power in the political world, there are still people out to get him.

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