Start Your Week With These Tweets From Last Week! You Go Feel The Tweets Pass


Another week is upon us…


1. Who can relate?


2. Exams fever no catch you before!

3. Dem barb you know!


4. This video is just funny 😂


5. This is so true 😭😭


6. 😂😂😂😂😂


7. Birds too dey gnash!!

8. It’s a black cat too 😂😂😂


9. Blood money Twitter 😂


10. Who did this to our you g rich man??


11. It was at this moment that you messed up…



12.  This is a mood!


13.  This so funny 😂😂😂


14. GPA woes 😭😭😭


15. This thing dey pain pass!


16. Boys get vibes ooo…


17. This is so true!!


18. This is so true 😂😂

See you next week!!

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