#SexForGrades: Professor Gyampo Talks Colonialism, Suing BBC And ‘Haters’ In This Communique

All everyone is talking about now is BBC Africa Eye’s ‘Sex For Grades’ Documentary that is yet to be premiered on all of BBC Africa’s social media accounts.

Two excerpts from the whole documentary have turned both Ghana and Nigeria inside out by exposing three lecturers engaged in ‘Sex For Grades’.

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Professor Ransford Gyampo from the University Of Ghana Political Science department is one of the lecturers implicated in the video. He has been very outspoken in denying all allegations against him.

He’s granted interviews, shed a few tears in class and finally, he’s released a communique for

Students from his class have confirmed the authenticity of this piece circulating on social media. In it, he explicitly states that he plans to sue the BBC and implied that BBC Africa Eye had omitted parts of the story just so it will suit their narrative.

He also implied that some leaders in the political game are trying to sabotage and frame him.

It reads:

“Prof. Yaw Gyampo writes……..

Good Afternoon Folks,
1. I have been counselled to be silent on a matter of entrapment masterminded by a certain unscrupulous people, with the aid of BBC (African Eye) against me.

2. Unfortunately, my students this afternoon also insisted that I say something to clear the air. I am grateful to them for the support they showed me this afternoon. I am grateful to all my friends for the numerous phone calls and messages to show solidarity. For my haters who were expecting to see a worst video, and actually texted to rejoice over what they think is going to be my downfall, I forgive them.

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3. I have a lot to say about this matter but I am suing the BBC for defamation tomorrow, so I will keep some of the facts to myself for now.

4. Let me state however, that I have not involved myself in the BBC’s so-called sex for grades and will never do so. Their own video documentary evidence could not establish this. I am aware of my University’s Sexual Harassment Policy and I have always adhered to its dogmas.

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5. The lady involved in my informal conversation was not my student and she wasn’t also a student from the University of Ghana where I teach. I, therefore, cannot decipher how I could manipulate the grade of a non-student. The BBC ignored all her contributions to our conversation. They ignored all her messages she sent to me. They ignored my objections and letters written to refute their allegations. They also edited the video to suit their purpose.

6. While I prepare to sue the BBC for carrying out the most bogus and unprofessional piece of documentary in the world so far, I wish to remind them that Ghana and for that matter, Africa, has long thrown out the yoke of colonialism.

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7. We are an independent continent with our own institutions that can handle internal matters. There cannot be much talk about strengthening institutions when they are blatantly prevented from doing their work by needless intruders like the BBC. The University of Ghana where I teach has credible outfit and mechanisms for dealing with matters of harassment. Why did the BBC refuse to encourage the one harassed to report the matter? Sexual harassment is also a criminal matter. Why has the BBC refused to report the matter?

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8. I am aware of those behind this, just for the purposes of gagging me. But I wish to assure them that I remain Yaw Gyampo. I won’t be silenced. Their worst may be to kill me. But in as much as I love my family, I won’t be scared to die in the course of keeping regimes on their toes, without malice, just for the purposes of shaping our governance landscape.

I have not engaged in any so-called sex for grades and I will stay true to my calling in doing my best for God, students and country.

Yaw Gyampo
A31, Prabiw
PAV Ansah Street

Suro Nipa House

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