Women Can Get Erections Too! Learn All About It Here


Men get erections almost anywhere and everywhere at the most random times but…what if we told you women did too.

Women don’t have penises, clearly but they do get something some women refer to as a “Stiffie” or “lady boner” which is almost like an erection.

What exactly is erect?

The clitoris:

Formed from the same erectile tissues like the ones that create the penis, the clitoris is made up of a number of glands and just like the penis, the clitoris also swells and fills with blood during sexual arousal.

Shocking huh?

According to Flo, a women’s health website, because the clitoris is made of erectile tissue, this means that some parts of the clitoris can swell and trap blood, becoming “erect” when a woman is turned on.

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The reason why it doesn’t stick out of your pants like a man’s erection is actually very clear.

If you know what the clitoris is, you would know that only about a quarter of it is externally visible, while the rest of it is hidden under the skin making the clitoral erection something that mostly happens internally.

When a lady gets this erection, the vagina glans or what we all call the clit may appear swollen and bigger than usual. In addition to that, the clitoral hood may pull back with the vagina becoming wetter and more lubricated than usual.

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Similarly to touching the penis tip, stimulating the clitoris is very pleasurable for women during sex or while masturbating and something as simple as crossing your legs will feel very pleasurable when you get the erection.

Most women have felt this but have not been able to properly term it as an erection. For them, it is just feeling horny in the most random places.

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So…yhup, women get boners too.

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  1. Clitoral erections can definately happen at random times and even in public. I’m glad they are not noticeable. In high school, I would sit with my legs crossed, tensing and relaxing my thigh muscles. I didn’t think of it as masturbating at the, but that is exactly what I was doing.


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