Check Out These 4 Wedding Gift Ideas Newlyweds Will Love And Use

Some of us always feel extremely happy when the clock strikes 5 on Fridays because we will get the chance to hang out with family and friends over the weekend at various events including weddings.

We all love wedding and due to social media, most of us invest in our looks to share stunning photos on our pages.

Sometimes, looking good is not enough especially when you have close relationships with the bride or groom. Buy one of the items listed below and feel confident to take selfies with the couple.

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances

The bride might have all the basic kitchen appliances like a blender, toast, deep fryer, kettle and coffee maker but these gadgets can break up at any time. Having a backup can always save the day.


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Wooden fabrics

As part of the tradition for wedding ceremonies, the groom gave the bride 10 or more authentic cloths but you can also give her special cloth. You can get customized kente cloth or buy from any of the reputed brands like GTP, Printex, ATL, Woodin, and Vlisco for them.

Yearly DSTV

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No matter how busy they might be, the man will still find time to watch sports highlights and the woman will also telenovelas after work just to wait for her husband to have dinner together.


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After eating quality Ghanaian dishes, take selfies with popular musicians; you can donate an appreciable amount to help the couple start a new marriage life. Most couples also love to receive money as gifts instead of tangible things to buy the things they really need.


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