What Really Happens When Your Boo Asks For A Break? We Asked Some Of You!

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“Let’s take a break”

These are a lot of couples’ most dreaded words to hear.

Taking a break is quite common in relationships. Usually, the break happens after the couple decide that it’s best to take some time off from each other.

Most people hate it because taking breaks haven’t really ended well.

They usually end up in breakups but… not all the time!

When a couple goes on a break, sometimes it’s mutual, but most times it is one person confused and wondering what to do and why the break was necessary

what really happens during a break?

We found out from several people and this is what we narrowed them down to!

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Sometimes when someone says they need a break to focus on themselves, they really do.

For some too, taking a break is just an excuse to cheat. Someone caught their eye and they don’t want to hurt you so, they ask for a break.

There’s also the hoe phase. Everyone… okay not everyone has a hoe phase and that ugly monster can appear at any time. That includes smack in the middle of a happy relationship and unfortunately, some people obey when the hoe fairy calls. 

Sometimes the break is needed so you two can fall in love again. You two have been all up in your faces and sometimes…distance really does make the heart fonder.

Now, for some people, a break from each other is exactly that… a break. A break for you two to take your hands off each other and enjoy your friends and family because let’s face it, some relationships glue the partners together and they lose touch with their social life.

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For some not so nice people, taking a break is nothing more than just a cowardly way of saying I don’t like you any more and that is the worst thing to do!!! They quietly break up with you after that and the end result is always messy.

Breaks aren’t always bad but you and your partner need to sit, talk and discuss why you want to go on a break and also set down some rules so you two don’t get confused.

But before you ask for a break, think long and hard about it!!

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