These Are The Hottest Grandpa Models Shaking Up Fashion Right Now

A career of a model has been described by many as the shortest in the entertainment industry. This is due to the timely nature and sensitivity of the craft.

People often begin their modelling careers at a tender age in order to get the best out of the industry before they begin to lose nature’s gift.

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This, however, is different for others. For some out there, the climax of a colleague’s career might just be the beginning of theirs.

Modelling has become very lucrative for people of all ages, body types and colours. Despite its stringent rules, there are men of colour who, irrespective of age, are still rocking the runway like they did when they were younger.

Here are some ‘grandpa models’ who are shaking up the industry.

1. With a combination of style, finesse and looks, Irvin Randle continue to be the benchmark for models above the age of 50.

Image result for irvin randle
Irvin Randle
Image result for irvin randle
Irvin Randle

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2. A grandad at 45 years old, this sexy grandpa with his hunky figure took modeling to a whole new height after he was captured on social media.

A father of 22 kids (12 girls and 10 boys) with 21 different baby mamas, his good looks have definitely brought him the fortune.

Antony Fitzgerald

Image result for Antony Fitzgerald

A student of marketing and teaching, Anthony Fitzgerald made a bold decision to focus on modelling and acting. An elegant “grandpa” with the flair to compliment, you definitely wouldn’t find this anywhere in the globe.

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Jason Jule

Jason Jule is a man of many talents. A blogger, writer, brand consultant, and P.R. man, Jule realized his passion for the craft at the age of 7.


Starting off as a media personality, he branched in modelling and has since starred in many fashion shoots and even done the odd runway appearance. The last he did was Paul Smith’s Springing/Summer 2012 show.

Drakes, JasonJules-18
They look really really good for their ages.

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