The Efya And Sarkodie Love Story

Sarkodie Efya Saara

For some of you, the first time you heard an Efya and Sarkodie collaboration was back in high school.

You probably had a crush or bf/gf in some other school and Efya and Sarkodie’s “I’m in love with you”  song was what made you feel closer to the love of your life.

“I’m in love with you” was their first song together and if sparks could fly from the song, our ears would have caught fire. The chemistry between the two was unmistakable and it trickles down to anyone who listened to the song.

Their next song, not better than the first but equally as good was “Where did I go wrong”. A love song about heartache and they still reeked of chemistry.

Seemingly, Efya’s vocals, coaxing Sarkodie to step out of his bars to drop a line or two are everything we needed as Ghanaians… and we didn’t even know!

It was so easy to think the couple were in a relationship

They didn’t stop there, they gave us another great song. “Devil In Me” was another deeply emotional song that was about some other kind of love…the Jesus love and even that one kraaa we felt the song on a different level.

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The emotions were less intense in this one (Thank God cos our hearts were bleeding) but that didn’t make it any less good. “Jorley” was a fun love song that got us dancing because we were or felt we were in love.

It was very easy for Ghanaians to think the two were in a relationship because “how dare two people have this much chemistry in not one, not two but several songs???

Sarkodie and Efya

Their recent single together, “Saara” reminded us, years later, why we used to laugh and cry at their songs together.

The toxic love song is everything and is already an anthem for couples (even if they have a good ‘suban’) The video was something else with the two playing their parts and communicating their roles well.

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We’ve heard love songs, we’ve heard the two artistes on other love songs away from each other but we can all attest to the fact that whatever Magic their magnetic fields concoct anytime they get in a studio together, it needs to come 7 fold in a 7 track joint album because WE NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We didn’t even know we needed it but we do!

An album that’s a story about love and all its issues. Performed by the two artistes. No extra features just the two of them… we are certain they can pull this off in a week in a studio because…chemistry!!!

We need this.

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