Here Are All The Reasons Why You Should Have A Sugar Daddy


If you want to follow your fellow struggling 20 something-year-old, by all means, be our guests but the truth of the matter is that they won’t give you the security you crave.

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A Sugar Daddy is a boyfriend who comes with financial benefits. You don’t necessarily have to sleep with him even though that’s what most people do. It’s all up to your agreement. Some people just want pictures of your feet and they’re good. Some people just want anal sex. Some others just want your company.

Here are reasons are why you should have a sugar daddy in your camp.


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They have been alive for way longer than you so they obviously know a lot of things. They’ve tried a lot of things; some which worked and others which didn’t so they can spare you the trouble. They can show you how to remove the cork from wine and even show you stuff about your car (which they probably got for you) that you didn’t know about.

You might not need a job

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Yes, nothing lasts forever but if you keep saving some of the money he gives you, even if he leaves, you’ll be fine. Once you have a sugar daddy who gives you basically anything you ask for, you can get your own business and run it how you deem fit from the comfort of your home.

You can travel anywhere and everywhere!!

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You know how you’ve been seeing Bali, the Maldives and Santorini everywhere on social media and you can’t wait to go there but there’s nothing in your bank account? Yup! Your sugar daddy can get that sorted for you. Who knows? You can even become a travel blogger.

Financial benefits

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It’s not just about the possession of money oo even though it’s all part of it. It’s about the grandeur you’ll be exposed to. The expensive places you’ll be going to. The type of people you’ll be meeting and hanging around and it’s really great for you! You get links and get into contact with people others have been trying to get into contact with for years.

You look your best every. single. time.

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Clothes are expensive! Shoes are expensive! Bags are expeennssiivvee! Manicures and pedicures are expensive. Facials, massages; they’re expensive. Maintaining your natural beauty is definitely not a cheap activity and if someone can carry that burden, so be it!!

Your transportation is sorted

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Some sugar daddies when happy with you can buy you a car. Make sure it is registered in your name though so that even if you end things, you can still own your car.

If you really want a sugar daddy, by all means, get your man (except the married ones boo).

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