Burna Boy’s New Music Video Manifest’s The Problems We Face In African Countries

Burna Boy dropped the visuals to his song, Another story yesterday.

The video came as a surprise at the right time too…just in time for Nigeria’s Independence day, today.

If you listened to this song when the alum dropped and was too busy enjoying the song to get the message, the video is the perfect accompaniment to the song.

Burna Boy dressed in what looks like a colonizer’s garb in the music video (Image: Youtube)

The song tells the story of Nigerians, their colonizers, and their journey to Independence and the imagery in the video, which was directed by Nigeria’s Clarence Peters, brings out the story and amplifies the story of Nigeria.

a scene depicting the violence in Nigeria

The Nigerians are pictured in the video with blindfolds highlighting the problems that are rife in the country even after gaining independence. He cites poverty, religion, greed, tribalism and more as some of the major issues that are plaguing the country today.

screenshot from the ‘Another Story’ video on Youtube

The children with weapons in the video most likely symbolize the child soldiers being used by the Boko Haram and other Jihadist groups in the country, killing thousands and displacing millions with no sign of resolution in sight.

Child soldiers in the music video (Image: Youtube)

Ghana’s rapper, Manifest shares his part of the story mostly looking at the greed and corruption by the leaders in power. The scene where he’s stuck in traffic is a very common problem in both Nigeria and Ghana with leaders making it worse by breezing past to steal from the people while the people are stuck with the problems they keep facing in the country…an endless traffic jam.

Blindfolded kids, signifying the people of Nigeria with blindfolds detailing the issues in the country (Image: Youtube)

Burna Boy dressed as a colonizer with the whole look on point including the horse he’s on, walking through the rubble and ruins caused by the people fighting everyone but the cause of their issues.

Manifest dropping his verse in the middle of a traffic jam

One thing that caught our attention was a Nigerian version of Lady Justice, an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems, with her face spilt with blood.

Behind her is a wall with Political parties’ posters. This particular scene is a great representation of the absolute neglect of a fair judicial system in the country.

The judicial system is weak and people with power get away with doing the most atrocious of crimes.

Lady Justice with rage on her face and blood on her head (Image: Youtube)

Burna Boy’s music video is a strong message not just about his country, Nigeria but many African countries as a whole.

He dropped a statement and we love it!

Watch the video:

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