What Beyonce’s Documentary On ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ Album Means To Us In Ghana


Beyonce is giving us a TV special on the making of the Lion King album and this surprise…it’s a brilliantly executed surprise!!!

The ABC network announced it on Sunday and changed their name to ABeyC network because let’s face it, that’s the right thing to do.

It’s Beyonce. The Queen Bey!!

The surprise documentary which will be called “Making The Gift” will be airing on the ABC network tonight (Monday) and we are all so excited because the documentary is going to give in-depth details on how each track was made.


We are finally going to get answers to the question people had about Shatta Wale.

“Why Shatta Wale? How… Shatta Wale? What?! Shatta Wale????”

We know from his interviews that he didn’t go there to record but…we may hear a phone call or see some e-mail or watch that moment she heard Shatta Wale sing and decided… ‘This Is The One!!! He’s the one.

We are going to see how she vibed to the ‘Already’ track, what she said about Shatta Wale…

And Guilty Beatz.

Was he in the studio with Beyonce? We know he met her but did he get to touch the Queen? What did she say about him, to him, how did she find him?????

What was her reaction? and…are we going to hear her say the words “Shatta Wale” “Guilty Beatz” “Ghana”??

Is this where we hear “I think I’d love to visit that country, Ghana”

It’s exciting to think we are going to see her reason behind the album unfold and the real reason why she thought it wise to give all these African acts such a huge platform.

If the excitement for her album ever dwindled…it’s back again and we cannot wait to watch the documentary!!

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