#TrueStory: What Happens When Your Father Sleeps With Your Wife?


From the camp of the modern-day “Agony Aunt” David Bondze Mbir on Facebook, we found another story that piqued our interest.

The story of a young man, his father and his wife!!

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“Hello, David,

How do you know the woman you’re in love with is lying to you?

My dad is a very stubborn man. A very bad one at that, and inasmuch as I love him, I am already beginning to think he’s f**ked my woman before.

I grew up in a home that wouldn’t mind its language. Dad used the ‘F’ word at will. He would say the first thing that came to his mind without caring about its effect on people. When he separated from my mother, I had to spend most of my holidays with him while my sister went to my mother. His foolishness aside, he took very good care of us (my mum included). Dad planned his life very well, that he made sure we didn’t lack anything. We were financially secure.

I remember in my university days, he would pass by my apartment to take me home to f**k one of his girlfriends. He always passed on any girl he had f**ked and really enjoyed – to me to also f**k. Sometimes, I would walk in on him at home receiving head, and right after the woman was done, would ask her to give me head too. I didn’t really see its implications then. All I thought it was cool to flow with my father in that manner. I learnt a lot from him.

Times changed when I gave my life to Christ and decided never to go back to that past. It wasn’t an easy journey but I did the best I could to be better. I met my wife after school and kept her and our relationship as far away as I could from my dad. I think the only time he met her was at our engagement. I remember very well when she set eyes on my dad. It seemed like they knew each other but she made it look like it was their first time seeing each other. Typical of my dad, he gave out clues to suggest the two of them knew each other. He has always been bad at acting. He called her by her middle name, and then told her – ‘she hadn’t changed one bit’.

I asked my wife if she knew him already, and she said no. After our marriage, my dad visited us a few times and I can swear to catch him, checking my wife out whenever she walked past him or us, and then, would smile and shake his head. My dad came to spend a week with us one time and I was always worried to be leaving him alone with my wife. I travel a lot, so you can imagine. There was a time I had returned from a trip and someone had cut my grass the same way my father cuts his at his house. I asked my wife if or not my dad had passed by and she would say no. I would call my dad and ask and he would just laugh and change the topic.

What actually got me suspicious was when my wife accidentally, mentioned my father’s first name during sex with me. She quickly changed her moanings and name callings to mine. But I know what I heard. She called out my dad’s.

We are barely two years in marriage and I have already lost taste in the marriage, and in her. I don’t trust her anymore, and I don’t want to be married to a woman I cannot trust. Would it be too soon to end it based on these allegations? ”

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What should he do?

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