The Different Types Of People You Meet On Social Media- Which One Are You?


For most of us, our social media platforms are for entertainment purposes. After a long day of stress, you take your phone and enter into the world of funny and relatable posts, and get in touch with those friends you’ve never actually seen before, but are close on Social Media (don’t deny it).

Other people have found a way to make their social media accounts their main source of income. They’ve created online shops and sell all kinds of stuff such as clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes and the likes. Others have branded themselves so well with their huge following that, you pay them to advertise stuff for you for a fee.

There are categories of different personalities that we wouldn’t know existed if it wasn’t for social media.

Let’s break it down.

The Comedian

They always make you laugh with their relatable posts. They’re sometimes the reason you always log on to a particular social media app. You find yourself scrolling through their twitter or rewatching their snap story due to their humour.

The Chronic Commenters And Likers

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These people comment on any and everything, you can post a picture of your big toe and these people will comment “Omg such beautiful toe you have, I wish mine looked like that”.

The Chronic Screen Shotters

We are all guilty of this. It might not be chronic but we tend to take screenshots from different social media platforms and post them elsewhere. For example, you see a relatable tweet and you take a screenshot and post it on your WhatsApp status. There are some people who take these screenshots to gossip about you though. That’s why some of us like Snapchat cuz they’ll snitch on your ass.

The “I Don’t Follow Back” Crew

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These are the people who will have 2k followers and only follow 10 people back. We are positive that your timeline is as dry as a desert cuz erm, whose pictures are you seeing? And really, why can’t they follow back? It’s not like you have over 10k followers too.

The Grammar Police

For some reason when these people see Grammatical errors, it almost seems like it makes their skin crawl. If you decide to argue with them and in your hurry, your responses are filled with errors, lmao! You’ve already lost! They’ll draaaagg you and make you look like an illiterate.

The Shoot Your Shot People

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Siiighhh!! Honestly, these people are so annoying especially the guys. For some reason, they can’t get the cue that if you respond to their messages 3 days after they sent them, it means you don’t really want to be their friends. And oh! They always think getting your number and chatting with you on Whatsapp is like having you as a girlfriend.

The Lurkers

These people are the real creeps of social media, they have a page, the followers and everything, but they NEVER post nor upload any pictures and videos, yet they know everything that goes on on social media. SMH they just lurk gathering information and spreading it. The definition of a spy for real.

Don’t deny it any longer. Each and every one of us falls into one of these categories. The question is, which one are you?

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