Quiz: How Well Do You Know Social Media, Show Us!


Up until 2010, who was everyone’s first friend on MySpace?

Which of these social media networks is owned by Twitter?

Why was Donald Trump’s Twitter account briefly shut down in 2017?

When Snapchat was created, what was the name of the app?

Originally launched in July 2011, Snapchat started its life as an app called Picaboo.

What term describes people who don’t do anything but have lots of followers and are able to make a living by shilling brands.

On which social network would you “Pin” something?

In which year did Facebook launch?

Twitter invented the #hashtag, which can now be found across several social media platforms.

It was used within IRC networks to label groups and topics back in 80's.

In which year did Twitter launch?

Which image-based social network was bought by Facebook for $1bn?


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