Let’s Clear All Your Doubts. These Are The Signs That You’re Dealing With A Player


Chances are you’ve probably met a player once in your lifetime.

If you think you’ve met a player but you’re not sure, it’s rather imperative to know it for sure before you let someone go.

You should check these boxes and finally decide whether or not you need to leave him.

He doesn’t text you often

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You text them and they take hours to reply even though they’re online and posting WhatsApp status updates. He doesn’t seem to see you as a priority unless of course, it comes to you coming over to his place.

The future doesn’t exist for him

Anytime you bring up the future they change the subject and give excuses. Anything Longterm is off-limits for him.

He doesn’t answer calls

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Speaking on the phone is one of the things that bring people closer together better than texts. Usually, speaking on the phone, you tend to talk about a wide range of topics and get to know each other better and this is why they avoid it.

He never takes you out on dates

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Lol. This is pretty easy wai. They don’t want any of their other girls to see you cuz you’ll spoil their market.

Even if they go out with you, they don’t show any affection

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Well… why should they? Lol. Y’all are mushy in closed doors but when you come out, he treats you like one of the boys. If he refuses to acknowledge your relationship anywhere other than in private, he is a player.

So…from these points raised, do you think your man’s a player?

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