Here’s How To Finish All Your Alcohol Without Passing Out


It’s another Friday which means, it’s time to make your livers cryyyy!!

Fridays are for jamming because the stress buildup from the whole week needs to be shaken off right?

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Now when it comes to jamming, it’s music, alcohol and good friends that make the night complete but… how do you get lit safely so you can do it again next week?

We gotcha.

First of all, please if you know you drive, don’t go drinking. You can still have fun without alcohol in your system. Stay away from it!!

Now let’s get into it:

Drink water!

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Alcohol makes you dehydrated so it’s a terrible idea not to have lots of water in your system before drinking alcohol. Drink water before drinking and in between drinks. You will get drunk slower and your body will be happy and hydrated.


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A full stomach helps you absorb alcohol slower which means you can spend more time feeling the buzz and having fun without feeling the need to throw up or pass out. 

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Alternate the drinks

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We aren’t saying switch between Hennessy and vodka. Alternate the alcohol imbibing with some non-alcoholic drinks.

Water works too and no, this isn’t about mixing the alcohol with the non-alcoholic drinks please, we are saying, drink some alcohol, after a while, stick to something non-alcoholic before switching again. You can alternate with water too. This will help you drink more without passing out.

Don’t leave your drink unattended!

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Each time you have to go use the washroom or say hello to someone, take your drink with you or just finish it quickly before you go. Don’t trust anyone cos there are vile people out there who will spike your drink with drugs for the most sadistic reasons.

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Plan and figure out your transportation home before you even go out! It’s very important so you don’t get found in a gutter somewhere, passed out and blind drunk.

But don’t worry, following these tips will make it easier to find your way home after a crazy night!


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