Here Are 5 Strategies To Resolve An Argument With A Colleague

Strategies To Resolve An Argument With A Colleague
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Arguments or conflicts with colleagues are unavoidable. Where there will be opinions, there will always be disagreements and workplaces are notorious for that. However, to avoid tension in the workplace, a lot of people try to avoid disagreements and remain indifferent to situations that otherwise require them to voice their concern.

However, according to experts, it’s important to engage in productive conflict to encourage a more inclusive work atmosphere. But not everyone has healthy disagreements and arguments can sometimes get pretty bitter. So here are seven strategies to apply to stop an argument with a colleague from growing out of proportion.

Avoid elaboration

The best way to cut short an argument is by sticking to shorter sentences. Because the more we talk, the more we encourage the other person to engage. The best option is to use facts to put forward your points and avoid unnecessary accusations and elaborations.

Control your emotions

Losing your temper or screaming at the opponent will only make matters worse. It’s very important to remain calm and composed. An agitated mind would never allow a person to articulate better. Expressing views without getting emotional will convey the message better and quicker.

Avoid arrogance

Arrogance only adds fuel to an argument. Having an ‘I am always right’ or ‘I am better than you’ attitude can quickly escalate the matter and turn the situation worse. Listen to the colleague and try to counter his or her points with facts.

Look for a resolution and not a stop-gap solution

Most people mistake stop-gap solutions for a resolution. Only a viable resolution, which works for both the parties, can put an end to a conflict. So, look for that solution and not some short-term remedy to just iron the wrinkles momentarily.

Let it go

After arriving at a resolution, consider the argument as over. Never get a third person involved in it or gossip with other colleagues. It’s important to move on after you have addressed the issues and reached an agreement.


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