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Everything You Should Know About Fante Kenkey

image of fante kenkey from Pulse.com
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This weekend is the Fetu Afahye in Cape Coast and what better way to celebrate it than to eat some Fante Kenkey?

Fante Kenkey is one of the staple foods of the Fantes

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wrapped up Fante kenkey

It can be eaten with soup, shito or stew

Fantes love to eat it with a fresh fish stew that is peculiar to the Fantes called, fante fante.

It’s the perfect kenkey for iced kenkey which is basically mashed kenkey with sugar milk and maybe groundnuts!

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mashed kenkey with chocolate and strawberries from Telande

If you travel to Cape Coast, you will see women selling freshly made fante kenkey, tied up in blue rubbers by the roadside. Most of them have tables with their names on the tables. Makes it easier to remember who your favourite kenkey vendor is.

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image of a girl selling kenkey from PBase.com

The best kenkey is made in Cape Coast

Fante kenkey is made up of soaked and milled corn that is cooked by mixing the uncooked portions with the cooked portions carefully, gradually adding water until you have a smooth texture.

They are made into balls and cooked in dry plantain leaves

Fante Kenkey green

Wrapped up Fante kenkey waiting to be cooked

Fante Kenkey is usually cooked for 6 hours

Really good Fante kenkey that is very smooth can be used in place of grease for tubeless tyres when they have a puncture to put them back on the road. (Ask the indigenes of Central Region!)

Fante kenkey also helps to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure.

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Unwrapped and cut pieces of Fante Kenkey

It also supports the digestive and immune system while contributing beneficially to the intestine and overall health.

Eating Kenkey helps in digestion because of its high level of fiber which aids in digestion and regulates blood sugar

It is also a good thing to eat, to prevent constipation!

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Ready to be eaten Fante kenkey image from pulse.com

Fante Kenkey is the best kenkey and to be honest, the next time you go to Cape Coast, buy some and have orgasms in your mouth! We promise you will bring a lot back home just to eat it all week!

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