Here Are Ways To Get Closure Without Speaking To Your Ex

Almost everyone wants closure especially when you’re out of a relationship.

The meaning of closure is different to every person. It could mean forgiveness, revenge or forgetting. You need to figure out the root of your yearning first.

You don’t necessarily have to see your ex to get closure as it could damage you psychologically or even physically.

Here are some ways you can get closure without actually having to speak to your ex.

Keep yourself busy

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Don’t mistake this with distracting yourself. In distracting yourself, you don’t allow yourself to face what you’re feeling and dealing with. In keeping yourself busy, you’re focusing on something you enjoy which will help you understand what you want, what you miss, and what you need.


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Exercising helps in stress-relieving, happiness-boosting endorphins, and it provides a way for you to be alone with your thoughts without being still. Oh! And that amazing body you get from working out gives you a bonus if you hope to have your revenge.

Watch Comedy

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After a breakup, your body keeps firing up your sympathetic nervous system and flooding your body with chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol. Humour buffer some of the negative effects of your fight-or-flight response and may slightly ease anxiety.

Talk to someone about it

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You’re vulnerable so you need to get a trusted friend to talk to. A problem shared is half-solved and so when you do this you help release all the anxiety you have in you. Apart from telling them about the breakup, you also need to let them know what you need from them. For example: If they see you liking your ex’s pictures on social media, they should take your phone away. You need to be disciplined and be helped so you adjust well into the Single’s Club.

Remember, it isn’t the end of the world. A month or 2 from now, you’ll even be disappointed that you were this down because of that other human being.

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