UG: Don’t Expect A Matriscot If You’re Not In Any Of These Halls.


The dawn of a new year stares at us again. It’s time for another matriculation ceremony. Yeah you know you’ll be ushered into the university and blah blah blah but guess what they didn’t tell you?

Legon students at a matriculation ceremony

Know what a Matriscot is?
We can explain. On matriculation day, some halls escort their freshers to the ceremony grounds. That’s what the matriscot is and it’s done by just two of the many halls on campus.
But if you know you don’t belong to any of these halls, the matriscot is not your portion charley

Commonwealth Hall
The Sons of Bacchus have dubbed this year’s MATRISCOT the “WO BLEEDI MATRISCOT ”

Commonwealth students being led to the matriculation grounds

Mensah Sarbah Hall
Sons of Apollo’s MATRISCOT is themed The WURAMU MATRISCOT

Freshers, we guess you’re wondering how it’s been done.
Don’t worry, just come to the matriculation grounds very early and relax in your seat and you’ll see everything for yourself.

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