”Weezy F. Baby And The F Is For??” Here’s All The Times Lil Wayne Told Us What That F Stands For

It’s a legend’s birthday!!!!!!!

You don’t have to be a hardcore fan of Lil Wayne to know all of his stage names. His real name is Michael Dwayne Carter but his most popular stage names have been Lil Wayne, Tunechi and Weezy F baby.

Now, Weezy F Baby is actually one of his most interesting names because that F in the name keeps changing!! He first introduced that name in Da Drought where he said  ”My name happens to be Weezy F baby, the F is for you to find out man”

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Here are the few times Lil Wayne has told us what the F in Weezy F. Baby means in different songs

Weezy F. Baby and the F is for Fill in the blank (Roman Reloaded ft Nicki Minaj)

F is for a bunch of shit (Nicki Minaj Go Hard )

F is for faithful, funky, freaky, freshly, flavour, flawless, fleek, finesse, finagle (Main Things)

F is for fuck what you gonna do? (Oh let’s do it)

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F is for Flame (We be steady mobbin ft Gucci Mane)

F is for fer-o-cious (Miss me ft Drake)

F is for Front Door (Wasted)

F is for forensics (Nightmares of the bottom)

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F is for Finish Line (ft Gudda Gudda It’s Young Money)

F is for Fascinate (Racks)

F is for fuck yourself (Don’t Get it)

F is for Fucking Fantastic (6 foot 7-foot ft Cory Gunz)

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F is for finisher (Feel Me)

Got to bring the hood back after Katrina. Weezy F Baby and the F is for FEMA (Feel Me)

FEMA is like the abrokyire NADMO so you get it? Hurricane Katrina…FEMA…

F is for fornicate (New Orleans Maniac ft Gudda Gudda)

F is for franchise (Yes ft Pharrell Williams)

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F is for Phenomenal (Hands up)

F is for forget it (Nightmares of the bottom)

And the F ain’t for Fear (Nightmares of the bottom)

The F ain’t for flaw (No ceilings ft Birdman)

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F is not for Falling (I Told Y’all)

The F is for forever (In my life)

and the F is for Fly (Get something ft Mannie Fresh)

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You wanna know what the F is for? That’s cos I stay fresh, I stay fresh (In my life)

The F is for Flow (Dec 4)

The F is for Fashion (Kat Deluna ft Weezy – Put it On)

Young Weezy F and the F is not for Failing (Pop Dat)

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Weezy F Baby, the F for follow, follow me straight to my condo (Bowwow ft Lil Wayne – Sweat)

F is for free (Trina ft Rick Ross and Weezy – Currency)

Weezy F Baby and the F is for Five!! (Carter V)

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Happy Birthday to a King!

Whoop Whoop!

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