Tulenkey’s ‘Goodnight’ Remix Features Quamina MP And Fameye

We have reached the point where any time Tulenkey drops something new, we all stop whatever we are doing to pay attention to him.

Last year, Tulenkey broke into the music scene with his song, ‘Child Abuse’. We first saw it as a freestyle and then it became a complete song. It got a remix and then…we got an amazing video for the remix!

Just when we were settling into his style, he gave us ‘Fvck Boys’ then practically dropped an EP in our laps without giving u time to take a breath.

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The 1/1 Mixtape was so good we wondered where such a gem had been hiding!

Goodnight was one of the songs on the EP. Naturally, we fell in love with it the minute we heard it and on Wednesday, when he dropped the remix, we were excited.

The song which is literally an “I cannot come and kill myself” song emphasizes the need to take a break in the middle of hustling. It is a much more upbeat and commercial-worthy version of the original track which features Quamina MP, Fameye and DJ Vyrusky.

Quamina MP literally re sang the chorus on the original with a few twists to own it. Fameye who’s a new artiste we are keenly watching added a great verse to it and Vyrusky took over the end of the song with a couple of record scratches…you know that thing DJs do? moving the vinyl record back and forth to give some scratchy effect.

We would choose the original song over the remix any day to be honest!!!

The video directed by Akwadaa Nyame was on topic. The artistes are seen in bed taking turns to drop their verses in pyjamas and bathrobes with Fameye’s scene playing on the cloud 9 effects.

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Lowkey, we cringed each time we saw the artistes’ sneakered feet on the beds but…we understand it’s just a shoot.

Tulenkey has a well-structured method of presenting his music and we are impressed.

Watch the video here:

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