Here’s What We Think Of Sarkodie’s Music Video For ‘Saara’ Featuring Efya

Sarkodie Efya Saara

Sarkodie dropped a new song and music video today.

Forget about the song because… WHAT A VIDEO!!

The song, ‘Saara’ features Efya and is basically a song about how much they love their partner even though they have a bad attitude.

We would talk about the message in the song but the video…the video is sooo good!!

At first, we were wondering why Sarkodie and Efya were dressed like the medieval time peasants in a plush building but we get it now. It’s all about the aesthetics. It’s even picturesque!

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screenshot from the music video for ‘Saara’


Every little thing in the video hinted at something deeper and we got more and more excited spotting them and letting the realization wash over us! Efya and Sarkodie being frustrated, working on the farm probably signifies the relationship they are trying to build that keeps on failing and giving them problems.

screenshot from the music video for ‘Saara’

The love birds that cut in signifying the love the couple have for each other and that scene where Sarkodie sings about thinking about her even while he’s cheating was executed perfectly. Sarkodie’s clearly unhappy self with some girl is shown in a mirror while Efya’s sad and frustrated self sings about her love for him on the telephone.

screenshot from the music video for ‘Saara’

The rose flower Efya and Sarkodie alternate between holding affectionately and trying to destroy are definitely representative of the love they share and how they feel about it at different times.

screenshot from the music video for ‘Saara’

The director of the video, Gene Adu did an amazing job and we loooove looove loooooove the video!!!

Efya is a superb actress and, we know she can sing but yoooo her voice was something magical in this song.

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The two always come with so much heat and we love them!!

Watch the video and tell us what you think!

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