Dear Ashesi Freshman: Here’s Why You Should Take Office Hours Seriously

Going for office hours can look like a daunting thing to do. but it is worth it. I get it. Because as a freshman, you have about 5 courses you are taking, you have a tight schedule, and the little free time you have, you want to just chill out by taking a nap or Netflix and chilling.

But here is why you shouldn’t take your office hours for your various courses for granted.

  1. Don’t think you’re being a bother

Your lecturers set that time side because they want to attend to your problems which weren’t addressed during the lecture time. Mind you, lecture hours are limited and lecturers have a target to reach regarding topics on the course outline. So you’re not being a bother at all.

2. One-on-One Lectures are the best

Having a personal time with your lecturer will help you in pointing out things which you thought you understood but actually don’t. It gives you the chance to practice more during that period because some people know themselves. They don’t like Mathematics, so they wouldn’t practice unless they have a support system by them.

3. You want that A

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Yep! Everybody wants an A in all of their courses. But it all comes at an extra cost. You have to devote your time to the courses you’re taking during the semester, and your lecturers and faculty-interns are there to help you with that.

If you don’t survive that class…

Kuulpeeps Ashesi wishes you all the best this semester.

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